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NAGMATIC / 1 on 1 -Dlippin' Da Knockout Stage

1 on 1 -Dlippin' Da Knockout Stage


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01. Intro - Enter Da Stage
02. Ultra feat. EDO.G
03. How To Dlippi'n feat. DUSTY HUSKY
04. Revival feat. 祀Sp
05. Un Welcome Return feat. SMOOTH DA HUSTLER
06. Shot Gun feat. UB Da BLACKMOLD
07. Ninja Works feat. RHYME BOYA
08. Interval
09. In Da Hood feat. BLAQ POET
C-2. Cuss feat. FORTUNE D
C-3. Oblaat (LP Version) feat. calimshot
C-4. Tidal Wave feat. SHEEF THE 3RD
C-5. Interval 2

D-1. Back Down feat. BIG SHUG
D-2. B.I.T.T.E.R. feat. MILES WORD
D-3. Give Em’love feat. Torae
D-4. Let It Roll feat. O.C.

Executive Produced by NAGMATIC

Mastered, Recorded by Tan-boo
Mixed by OHLD for 7070Production at Bekkan Studio*

Art Work by STRD

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